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Made in Sweden –

BLÅ STATION makes furniture using carefully chosen techniques and materials. For many years our language of design has been intimately associated with circles, birch and stainless steel – Börge’s chosen idiom. Today the expressions, materials and shapes have evolved from close cooperation with new young designers, new industries. But the philosophy behind it all remains the same. We believe that to meet the demands and desires of today you need an innovative frame of mind, a child’s curiosity – and a heart that refuses to take the easy way out.
BLÅ STATION is a family business, established in 1986 and based in the little seaside town of Åhus on the Swedish south-east coast, where the sea is forever restless. Just like us.

Blå Station was born from a designer’s desire to put into production furniture which he himself liked and which, to his mind, deserved a place in the market.The designer was by Börge Lindau, our father, who, after many years as partner in the highly successful Lindau & Lindekrantz design-team returned to his home town to create a company run entirely along his own lines.

Curiosity is our fuel as we keep searching, not for the already known and established, but for the unexpected, yet-to-be-discovered. Sometimes that is compelling us to decipher new codes; to dissect the entire production process from standing tree to sitting surface, from iron ore to metal frame.

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Schweden hat mehr als Elche – Fredrik Mattson

Keine Frage, Skandinavien war schon je für uns eng mit dem Begriff von »gutem Design« gekoppelt. Eher zu konservativ für viele Geschmäcker. Nur wer heute einen Blick gen Norden wagt, wird überrascht sein wie viel Avantgard-Design zu sehen ist. 4ty4 stellt in seiner Reihe »shortcuts – best of North« einzelne Deisgnerportraits vor. Hier »Fredrik Mattson«.
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